Sunday, September 27, 2009

God Exacts Less

"Know therefore that God exacts from you Less than your iniquity deserves." (Proverbs 11:6 NKJV) We are always harder on ourselves than others are. Why???? What good does it do for us to beat ourselves up, and berate ourselves over our mistakes on both things we did and or did not do. We can't change it...but we can change our present and our future. We are to be truly sorry, learn from our mistakes, move on and do our best not to repeat our mistakes. God teaches us that even He doesn't require as much from us as we require from ourselves, and that includes moving beyond our mistakes. Even when we do NOT deserve it, God shows us compassion and is loving, kinder, gentler, understanding, and forgiving. And, this is important, we are to be like God. This means we need to be kinder and gentler with ourselves. In turn, when we become kinder and gentler with ourselves we will become kinder and gentler toward others. This will have a ripple effect as well! I think we all need to post this Bible verse somewhere where we will see it every day to remind us of all this. I'm getting mom to put it somewhere for me! Love, Beau


Anonymous said...

This one was wonderful! It really hit home for me. Thanks, Bev

Beverly, Smokey, and Purrl

Tiger Lily said...

I have to make sure Mom remembers this one. Thank you Beau.