Sunday, December 17, 2006

Examples of Faith

Faith is trusting in something even though there are no facts to support it. It took many acts of faith for Jesus to be born. Mary, who had never been married, and knew how much trouble she would get from friends and family over having a baby, had faith that everything would be okay. Joseph, her future husband, had a dream telling him the same thing, and instead of blowing it off or thinking he was going nuts, had faith in Mary and that everything would be okay. Mary had to have a LOT of faith. Not only was she pregnant and unmarried, but when it was about time for her to have the baby she had to ride cross country on a donkey. THEN she had to give birth in an animal stable and put the baby in a wooden bed. She and Joseph had faith that everything was going to be okay then and in raising Him. The wise men and shepherds that came to see Jesus had faith. They didn't exactly know how to get where Jesus was but they set out, following a big, bright star, and had faith they would find him. In every aspect of the birth of Jesus, they all had fears, anxieties, and concerns...but they had faith everything would work out. That's what God ask us to do. Despite everything, seen and unseen, trust in Him and have faith everything will work out. Love, Beau