Sunday, January 21, 2007

"Don't Worry - Be Happy!"

Do you ever worry? I know mom does. She worries all the time. Mom worries about friends, family, finances, our health, EVERYTHING. But God tells us NOT to worry. He says, "Trust in Him with all your heart, soul, and mind." Jesus also says, "Let not your heart be worried. Believe in me. Believe also in God." Although it seems really hard, especially at times, is to put our total faith and trust in God and let Him handle everything. "Let go and let God." What do you think it would feel like if you were to turn EVERYTHING over to God and let Him handle things?" I think it would feel pretty amazing to let go of all the burdens and worry, and just feel free! I think what is needed is to take a "leap of faith," jump totally in, and give it a try. All you have to lose is stress, anxiety, worry, ulcers, depression, and other stress related health problems. So, "Don't happy!!" Love, Beau