Sunday, February 17, 2008

Loving With Grace

" godliness brotherly kindness, and to brotherly kindness love." (2 Peter 1:7) God not only wants us to be kind to one another, but also to love one another as He loved us. God's nature is to love those who seem, and sometimes are, unlovable. And He does this continually without end. Are we prepared to go out into the world and love those we feel are unlovable, and then keep on loving them no matter what. How often do we get irritated and annoyed with those we claim to love, and or stop loving someone just because of something they did and or said? This is NOT the kind of love God shows us and gives us. God loved us so much that He died for us even though we were sinners. We continually screw up because we are imperfect humans. No matter what we do, what we say, and or how unlovable we are, He still loves us. That is the grace and love He shows us. If we stop short of this we fail to grow in grace, and we don't show others the kind of love He wants us to give. Being totally committed to God often means stretching ourselves out to a point we don't think we can. But, when we have totally committed ourselves, and are totally connected to Him we CAN give that kind of grace and love toward others if we work on it. Love, Beau