Sunday, December 3, 2006

Christ's Compassion

Not only is the season of love, but also a time of tremendous compassion. God sent His ONLY son into the world to die in our place...even though we were really screwing up bad at the time. That's how much love and compassion He had for us. From the beginning of time God has shown his compassion. When he created man, and he was lonely, he gave him Eve. When Moses the human got angry and threw a hissy fit God punished him by not letting him move into the new home place, but He did allow Moses to see it before Moses died. Throughout the Holy Bible, when God punished a group of people, it was only for a time, and He always gave them multiple chances. Even when Job the man went through a horrible time once it was over Job had things even better than before! God wants us to be like Him, and show the same amount of compassion toward each other that He gives to us. Mom and I feel this place would be a much better world if everyone would practice more compassion towards one another. It seems to make EVERYONE feel better, whether you are the giver, receiver, or just watching it. So, I think it would be a good thing during this holdiday season to work on showing others more compassion. Like, when someone starts making you feel upset say a prayer for them instead. I'm going to try!! Love, Beau