Sunday, March 22, 2009

Who Do YOU Say That I Am?

"Jesus answered him, “Will you lay down your life for My sake? Most assuredly, I say to you, the rooster shall not crow till you have denied Me three times." (John 13:38 NKJV) When it mattered most, those of whom had been closest to Jesus turned their backs on Him, and denied they even knew Him. And, when He was taunted, persecuted, tortured, and then hung on a cross to die a slow, painful, agonizing death they did nothing. In fact, most of them left before He died on the cross. Yet, Jesus forgave them...and even loved them so much that when He came back to life (as some of us believe), some of the first people He revealed Himself to were those that had betrayed Him. Can we say that we would follow Jesus' example in this? Would we be willing to risk our lives to align ourselves with God? Would we be willing to forgive someone, and go on unconditionally loving them if they betrayed us, and or left us alone to suffer, die, and be in extreme pain (of all kinds)? Yet, God says that we are to follow the example of Jesus. That means doing ALL of these things. And, even more importantly this shows us that no matter what we do, no matter how much we ignore or deny God, He is ALWAYS going to still be there for us. All we have to do is stop and look around. God is always, and for eternity, there! Love, Beau