Sunday, December 10, 2006

Love Came Down at Christmas

Love came down at Christmas. And, love is about giving. God gave us new life through His son. That's the deepest form of giving. Giving is not just about giving money to charities, and or baking stuff. It's about giving from the heart...the deepest part of our heart. It's about giving a true part of ourself to others, including our mind and souls, as well as our heart. When mom is sick I give of myself by lying on the bed with her, to help her feel better and comfort her, instead of playing or bird watching. It's what I choose to do because I love. Every where you look there are people hurting, hungry, lonely, etc. Don't just give them a handout of money or some food. Give them your heart. Give them your mind and soul. Take time to just listen. Everyone has a story. How many people do you see actually taking time to share themselves with the homeless and the drunks. Maybe THAT is what they really need...someone to make them feel valued and genuinely cared about. That is what compassion is all about. Love is about giving compassion. God has tremendous compassion, which is why He gave His son for us. So, give YOU this Christmas. You'll receive more in return than you can imagine! Love came down at Christmas, but it continues by our works. Love, Beau