Sunday, February 4, 2007

Barbaro: A Great Example to ALL

What I learned from Barbaro: dream big; go for your dream,; strive to be the best you can be (like the Colts and Bears) ; stay on course; run the race to the finish line; have staff, when you fall down get back up and keep on trying; never give up; have hope and faith; have strength, courage and guts; be likeable; fall in love with the girl (or boy) next door (stable); make new friends; and stand tall. So, what does all this have to do with God? LOTS! God wants us to dream big. There is NOTHING He can't do. All you have to do is ask, and if it's His will for you He can make it happen. Once you ask then go for it! God wants us to be all that He made us to be. He gave each one of us talents and gifts to use for His purpose, and He wants us to develop those to the best of our ability. Don't lose focus of your goals and dreams. If you get sidetracked it will take you longer to reach them. The ultimate goal is to be with God someday, and life is the race. All that we go through is the course. In order to get to the finish line you have to keep getting up when you fall down and keep on going. This sometimes takes all of hope, faith, strength, courage, and guts. It also comes with making new friends, risking to love (no matter what kind of love), and allowing others to help you when needed or helping them. But, no matter what road of life God takes you on, and how much you stumble, He is always proud of you so stand tall. Love, Beau

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