Sunday, February 25, 2007


One of the purposes of our lives is to bring other people to Christ. We are to share our faith and our testimony, of what God has done for us, with others so that they may see His good works. We are to share the love of God with others. God wants us to be "fishers of men" and share His love for them. He loves us all and wants us all home with Him. God wants us to share the good news with those who have lost their way or have never known Him: I forgive your past, your mistakes, I LOVE YOU, and all you have to do is, genuinely ask forgiveness BELIEVE in Me and then RECEIVE what I have to offer you and follow in my footsteps. Bringing others to Christ gives glory to God...and it brings joy to us to see that person's life changed forever. If you are reading this, and want to bring Christ into your life, pray this prayer created by Rick Warren of The Purpose Driven life, "Jesus I believe in You and I receive You. Thank You for dying on the cross for all my sins. As much as I know how, I ask you to come into my life and help me learn to know you, trust you, and love you." If you already have Christ in your heart, don't you want to share with that joy with as many people as possible so they can feel it too? I do!! Love, Beau

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