Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Prayer changes things. We have seen this, and what it can do. God wants us to "pray without ceasing." That means everything we want, everything we need, and all the desires of our heart God wants us to tell Him. Yes, He already knows what's in our heart and minds, and what our needs and wants are...but He wants us to tell Him because he really wants that conversation with us. He wants a relationship and one on one time with us. He also wants us to listen to what He has to say. He wants to help us. That is what prayer is all about. It's about a relationship with God, like what we have with our families...talking, sharing, one on one time, and being there and helping each other. We help God by doing His will for us, and He helps us when we share what's in our hearts. So, whatever hurts, scares, worries, hopes, dreams, and joys you have, share them with God. He will rejoice with you in the good times and help you through the hard times. He wants to know and He's waiting. Pray without ceasing. Love, Beau

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